Analog/Mixed Signals and RF

RICE CE has an extensive range of research in analog and mixed-signal circuit and system design, ranging from miniaturized and low power circuits for sensor interface, energy harvesting, and power management, and minimally-invasive neural interfaces, to high-speed wireless communication and sensing systems.

Research Labs

Rice Integrated Systems and Electromagnetics (RISE) Lab focuses on integrated circuits and systems for various high-impact and emerging applications, including high-speed wireless communication, sensing, imaging, and health care.

The Secure and Intelligent Micro-Systems (SIMS) Lab @ Rice University, led by Prof. Kaiyuan Yang, creates integrated circuits and micro-systems to enable emerging low SWaP-C (size, weight, power, and cost) electronics, with particular emphasis on hardware intelligence and security through cross-layer innovations. Targeted applications include internet of things, healthcare, and neuroengineering.

Towards bringing powerful machine-learning systems to our daily-life devices, the Efficient and Intelligent Computing (EIC) Lab at Rice University explores techniques that highlight a holistic optimization of algorithm-, system-, and application-level opportunities.