Hardware Security

RICE has done extensive research on building hardware for system security and privacy, as well as ensuring the trustworthiness and reliability of electronics. Novel hardware primitives, sensing systems, and secure system designs are investigated to enhance the security of emerging bio electronics and IoT devices in an energy efficient manner.

Research Labs

The Secure and Intelligent Micro-Systems (SIMS) Lab @ Rice University, led by Prof. Kaiyuan Yang, creates integrated circuits and micro-systems to enable emerging low SWaP-C (size, weight, power, and cost) electronics, with particular emphasis on hardware intelligence and security through cross-layer innovations. Targeted applications include internet of things, healthcare, and neuroengineering.

Rice Integrated Systems and Electromagnetics (RISE) Lab focuses on integrated circuits and systems for various high-impact and emerging applications, including high-speed wireless communication, sensing, imaging, and health care.

Rice computational imaging lab focuses on solving hard and challenging problems in imaging and vision by co-designing sensors, optics, electronics, signal processing, and machine learning algorithms. This emerging area of research is called computational imaging or more generally computational sensing. Our group is generally application-agnostic and focuses on developing foundational theories, tools, techniques, and systems.